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To develop a homogeneous system that facilitates smooth and confidential cryptocurrency transactions.

ViceCoin - Concept of Anonymity

Anonymity is another important area of weakness for Bitcoin with node traffic being sent in an unencrypted fashion. Not only is it unsecure to involuntarily disclose the public IP address of your computer wallet without adequate perimeter defences (Adaptive Security Appliances etc.), it is considered a really bad practice.

Potential risks include the ability to link a user’s wallet address to its IP, further disclosing the identity of the coin holder and possibly resulting in a more sophisticated, intelligence-based attack. Thus, protecting the wallet client’s IP address is an imperative action in protecting the individual’s identity and safeguarding your financial assets. These risks are specifically negated by ViceCoin’s implementation of anonymous TOR IP addresses.

What is ViceCoin

ViceCoin is an innovative Crypto solution for all of us fun-seekers across the map! To facilitate our most primal endeavours, they’ve crafted a completely untraceable coin that transacts through a private, confidential payment network. It’s a thing of absolute beauty!

But how does it work?

Even the most passive digital enthusiast can’t help but be amazed by the system built around this sensational coin! This remarkable Crypto Currency can be used for both offline and online payments, performing in similar fashion to a prepaid credit card. The only notable difference being, the card doesn’t hold any actual Fiat currency value, but instead the soon to be coveted ViceCoin value.

When transactions are made, the payments made with these digital beauties will go through a ViceCoin payment network which will then automatically switch the ViceCoin for the fiat value it holds through the ViceCoin itself. Simple as it is genius! Now these so-called “vices” that users will be using ViceCoins for might be viewed by some to be a bit morally misguided, but the fact is this - we spend an enormous amount of our money on our hedonistic needs and that number will only get bigger as more and more people move up the economic status chain.

White Paper

What will ViceCoin offer?

To obtain the resources required to make Vice coin a reality, Vice coin is launching a token sale in Q2 2018. With a total of 300 Million tokens to be minted. After the Vice coin Blockchain is fully deployed, the annual inflation rate derived from the fundamental parameters of Vice coin is projected at two percent.

Manage and keep track of your transactions

Investment in cryptocurrency requires extreme acumen, if one wants to secure their investment, they are better off in taking only profit orders. During circumstances, when there are high rate fluctuations, the network will automatically execute trades to recover gains or avoid losses.

Fortified mobile wallet

Complex data encryption has been enabled on the mobile application, so that none can use or misuse your money. Users are given freedom to configure their security settings by deactivating some of the features for heightened security. ViceCoin will make its debut on the Android operating system early in 2018.

Free trading without any barriers

There is no limit to the number of currencies available to the users and absolutely no requirement for any trading documents.

Flexible currency accounts

All the major currencies of the World are supported and funds can be exchanged instantly between currencies at market rate.

Quick Currency conversion

Swift conversion of funds at most favorable rates is possible by simply making a transfer from one wallet to another. The funds will get automatically converted to the current market rates.

Premium Exchange

Our network will allow our customers to perform transactions exclusively using cryptocurrency value. All the transactions and the traders who engage in the trading process are completely protected and their identities are safe.

Guaranteed security

Swift conversion of funds at most favorable rates is possible by simply making a transfer from one wallet to another. The funds will get automatically converted to the current market rates.

Token Sale Details

Total Coin 300,000,000 coins at $0.10 cents per coin. ($30,000,000 total)
Available For Purchase $25,000,000
Price Per Coin $0.10
(Token sale Cap might change. For more information please read token sale summary)

Timeline for the ICO

  • Start PRE-ICO End May (25 days) (20% bonus coins) - maximum $10.000.000

  • Start ICO End June (30 days) (10% Bonus coins) - maximum $10.000.000

  • Post ICO End July (no bonus) - maximum $5.000.000

Token distribution & Allocation

Symbol Vice
Engaging with Bank and Partners 30%
Development Vice Coin network 10%
Marketing 10%
Management, Operations, Compliance and Support 20%
Exchange liquidity 30%


Zahir Husin

Senior Blockchain Developer

Rathish M

Senior Blockchain Developer

Naveen Kumar

Blockchain Developer


UI/UX Designer